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About Us

About Us

Formed in 2012 Vintage T shirts UK is a small one man operation supplying limited printed themed T Shirts for sale though the Internet. Inspired by old images from photos books magazines then edited to produce interesting and unique looking T Shirts. We aim to create mainly vintage themed T shirts but not exclusively.

Due to being a small operation printing many different prints on a mass scale is impractical and not feasible at the moment. So we create limited prints of one T shirt then we create a brand new design. Some more of the popular designs may be reprinted if demand is high.

Created in house using the age old art of screen printing with water based ink to create the prints, we can create designs that look great and are of quality.

Things you might find in our T shirts in the future may include old vintage cameras similar to Kodak and Rolleiflex, famous art works, newspaper adverts, iconic images, vintage photographs and some original created designs.

If you do buy one of our T shirt I hope you enjoy it as much as I do making them.

Please follow us on socal media and it would be great for you to show yourself wearing your tees.


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