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Vintage T Shirts Online offers a small range of limited men's and women's T Shirts with a vintage theme. Inspired by old photographs, paintings, movies and books mixed with our imagination to create unique T Shirts that look great. Our aim is to design tees that are interesting and creative that have a retro feel and look. All our designs are screen printed in the UK with high quality water based ink onto 100% cotton crew cut T Shirts.

Cloud - Women's
Jelly T Shirt - Men's
Jelly T Shirt - Women's
Monster T shirt - Men's
Monster T shirt - Women's
Moon T shirt - Men's
Moon T shirt - Woman's
Pow T shirt - Women's
Rolleiflex Camera  T shirt - Men's
Rolleiflex Camera Heads T-Shirt - Women's
Thin Lizzy T Shirt - Men's - White
Thin Lizzy T Shirt - Women's - White
Vintage Hats Print T shirt - Men's - White
Vintage Hats Print T shirt - Woman's
Cloud - Men's
Pow T shirt  - Men's

Lastest Blog Entries

Cat T Shirt – Cat In A Hat T Shirt
Vintage photo of a cat in a hat. I spent a little time editing an old black and white photo and this is the result, A very serious looking cat in a top hat. I’ll use half-tone printing for this design and will use waterbased based ink on to cotton T Shirts. (read in full)

Black and White T Shirt Design
Another black and white t shirt design with three images. The images are of stars, clouds and forest trees. (read in full)

Pow! T Shirts On Sale – Now down to £8
POW! T Shirts are down to £8 until the end of August. (read in full)

Getting Some Colour In To My Life
Trying a few different colours for a change. Here’s a Pow! Tee in blue. If you want a t shirt advertised on the website in a colour of your choice then please to contact us and will let you know if it’s possible. (read in full)

Now Using PayPal Express Checkout
Quick update to the site and its possible to check out using PayPal Express Checkout. This enables you to check out quickly using paypal rather than filling out the full registration and shipping details. To use PayPal Express look out for the PayPal Button on the “Shopping Bag” and “Checkout“ pages of the site. It looks like... (read in full)

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